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account for something

1. Definition:

to form the total of something


Oil accounts for about thirty per cent of this country's exports.
Just 17.9% of internet users account for 80% of shares.
Aviation will account for more than a third of Dubai's economy by 2020.
Report says 17.9% of internet users account for over 80% of video shares.
Full-time employee jobs account for only one in 40 created since recession.

2. Definition:

to explain or give a reason for it


~ money, difference, actions


He calls on ANC to account for Parliamentary chaos.
She couldn't account for her absence from work.
She was unable to account for over $5,000.
The storekeeper was expected to account for any material removed.
I had to account for every penny I spent.
How will you account for such a big difference?
Have you ever had to account for your absence from work or school??