Gerund infinitive cwiczenia


Napisz podane wyrazy w nawiasach we właściwej formie albo bezokolicznika lub formy z końcówką -ing (gerund) w języku angielskim.

Potrzebujesz pomocy?

As soon as she started (speak) I realized that she was not Scottish.
Did you manage (finish) the rapport on time?
He agreed (help) her in the kitchen.
He crashed his car into a lamp post to avoid (hit) a dog.
He suggested (dine) dining at the restaurant, but we couldn’t afford (eat) there.
I gave up (ski) after one day because I kept (fall) over.
I really don’t feel like (go) to work today.
Tom does not appear (care) about whether she passes or fails.
What do you intend (do) when you graduate from university?
Why did you refuse (lend) his car?