Forget Remember - gerund lub infinitive


Uzupełnij następujący dialog czasownikami w nawisach we właściwej formie gerund lub bezokolicznik.

Potrzebujesz pomocy?

Bezokolicznik vs. Gerund
If you see him, remember (say) hello from me.
I’ll never forget (visit) Malta in 2011.
Did you remember (post) those letters I gave you yesterday?
Please remember (lock) the front door when you got out.
Don’t forget (close) all the windows.
A: I introduced you to Bob last month.
B: Really? I don’t remember (meet) her.
I can remember (tell) you about the accident this morning.
I remember (send) an email on Monday.
I remember (send) an email to let them know about the changes.
I’ve forgotten (tell) you that she called this morning.