Angielski przymiotniki stopniowanie

Ćwiczenie Wypełnij luki stopniem najwyższym przymiotników podanych w nawiasach w podanych zdaniach w języku angielskim. Potrzebujesz pomocy? Przymiotniki
1. Mr Brown is tutor in our university. (experienced)
2. pupils should be paid more attention. (good)
3. film we've ever seen is "Enter the Dragon". (interesting)
4. It was Chris who wrote composition. (brilliant)
5. Spring is season of the year. (pleasant)
6. Tom's room is of all. (clean)
7. Of all Polish writers, Sienkiewicz is one. (great)
8. Jim is pupil in my class. (difficult)
9. Ann is student in our group. (hard-working)
10. James is person in our office. (open-minded)
11. Egypt is one of countries in the world. (old)
12. Canada is the second country in the world. (large)
13. Helen is girl I've ever met. (kind-hearted)
14. That was mistake. (stupid)
15. I think England has weather in the world. (changeable)
16. hotel in Poznan is "Polonez". (comfortable)
17. person is Henry; he never tells a lie. (credible)
18. For many years, the Beatles were group. (popular)
19. It's town I've ever seen. (ugly)
20. Winter was time for us. (bad)