Have something done ćwiczenia angielski


Uzupełnij następujące zdania w języku angielskim używając konstrukcji have something done, wykorzystując wyrazy w nawiasach.

Potrzebujesz pomocy?

We will (the documents/deliver) to you by the postman.
She couldn’t understand the document so she (it/translate) by her colleague.
How often (you/your eyes/test) ?
I will never (my ears/pierce) . It’s too painful.
Look at her hair. She must (it/dye) .
Your car is making a lot of noise. You should (it/service) .
She’s going to (a rose/tattoo) on her leg.
Do you (your cat/groom) regularly?
I (my tooth/pull out) yesterday.
I (my car/wash) every week.