Liczba mnoga angielski ćwiczenia

Ćwiczenie Uzupełnij luki z właściwymi formami rzeczowników w liczbie mnogiej aby uzupełnić następujące zdania w języku angielskim. Potrzebujesz pomocy? Rzeczowniki
1. My are quite strong. (tooth)
2. Have you got any . (child)
3. All like new clothes. (woman)
4. My wife is afraid of . (mouse)
5. We sold five yesterday. (ox)
6. Have you got any ? (brother)
7. How many have you got? (goose)
8. Most enjoy watching television. (child)
9. He can shoot at the goal from either of his equally well. (foot)
10. Some prefer to stay single than to marry. (man)
11. Do any work in your factory? (woman)
12. Two are going to go on a mission to Africa. (brother)
13. One should clean one's at least twice a day. (tooth)
14. My are numb with cold. (foot)
15. The are playing bridge and the are talking. (man / woman)