Past Continuous i Past Simple

Ćwiczenie Napisz wyrazy na końcu zdań napisane drukowanymi literami w czasie Past Continuous lub Past Simple w języku angielskim. Potrzebujesz pomocy? Czas Past Continuous
1. I him in the club last night. SEE
2. We about our studies when someone knocked at the door. TALK
3. She in France for two years. BE
4. She when I came home from the shop. REST
5. We a good time when the lights went out. HAVE
6. He used to study English when he at the university. BE
7. I my sister when she was up this morning. HEAR / GET
8. The sun brightly when it to rain. SHINE / BEGIN
9. They when I them last. TALK / SEE
10. I in London when the riots . BE / BEGIN