Przymiotniki stopniowanie angielski

Ćwiczenie Wypełnij luki stopniem wyższym i najwyższym przymiotników podanych w nawiasach w podanych zdaniach w języku angielskim. Potrzebujesz pomocy? Przymiotniki
1. A good book is than a newspaper. (good)
2. His financial position is even than it was last year. (bad)
3. Jane is than her sister. (pretty)
4. She is very much with him than she was with her first husband. (happy)
5. It is to fight than to surrender without fighting. (honourable)
6. She is even today than she was yesterday. (gay)
7. The new classroom is a little than the old one. (big)
8. The outlook is very much than it was some years ago. (hopeful)
9. Fresh blood is than dry blood. (red)
10. I have even time today than I had yesterday. (little)