Przedrostki i przyrostki na literę I

Showing: 18 prefixes/suffixes, 29 meanings

Letter 'I' (18)

- a job or hobby
beautician, comedian, dietician, electician, historian, magician, mathematician, musician, optician, paediatrician, physician, politician, technician
- referring to a particular person
Darwinian, Dickensian, Elizabethan, Georgian, Orwellian, Shakespearean, Victorian
- to form nouns
accessibility, compatibility, credibility, feasibility, legibility, plausibility, reponsibility, susceptibility, tangibility, visibility
- to form adjectives
accessible, comprehensible, convertible, deductible, defensible, digestible, discernible, permissible, resistible
- to form adjectives from nouns
acrobatic, alcoholic, atomic, autocratic, bureaucratic, cubic, democratic, diplomatic, enthusiastic, gymnastic, heroic, idiotic, ironic, linguistic, magnetic, meteoric, patriotic, photographic, poetic, rhytmic, symbolic
- referring to a subject or an area of study
acoustics, aerobics, athletics, classics, economics, electronics, genetics, linguistics, logistics, mathematics, physics, politics
- referring to verbs which describe the process
amplify, beautify, clarify, classify, dignify, diversify, falsify, glorify, horrify, identify, intensify, justify, magnify, modify, notify, personify, purify, qualify, satisfy, signify, simplify, solidify, specify, terrify
il-, im-, in-, ir-
- to form adjectives or nouns
illegal, illegible, illiterate, illogical, immature, impatient, imperfect, impossible, impractical, improbably, inability, inadequate, inaudible, incapable, incomprehensible, independent, informal, injustice, insecurity, irrational, irregular, irrelevant, irreplaceable, irresistible, irrisponsible
- to form adjectives referring to actions done badly
ill-advised, ill-adapted, ill-chosen, ill-concealed, ill-conceived, ill-considered, ill-designed, ill-educated, ill-equipped, ill-founded, ill-informed, ill-paid, ill-prepared, ill-suited, ill-timed
- to form nouns and adjectives
ill-bred, ill-disposed, ill-fated, ill-feeling, ill-fortune, ill-health, ill-humour, ill-luck, ill-natured, ill-starred, ill-tempered, ill-treatment, ill-will
- referring to memebers of family
brother-in-law, daughter-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law, parents-in-law, sister-in-law, son-in-law
- between
inter-city, intercontinental, inter-family, interlanguage, international, interpersonal, interplanetary, inter-racial, interseasonal, interstate, interterritorial
- connection
interact, interbreeding, interchange, interconnect, interdependence, interknit, interlink, interlock, intermingled, interplay, intersection, intertwine
- to form nouns from verbs
action, addition, collection, combination, conclusion, connection, contribution, creation, decision, direction, education, examination, exhibition, explanation, imagination, information, operation, organization, production, protection, reaction, realization, reduction, situation
- nationality or language
British, Danish, English, Finnish, Irish, Moorish, Polish, Scottish, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
- with adjectives
biggish, blackish, bluish, brownish, dampish, darkish, fattish, flattish, goodish, greenish, largish, longish, oldish, plumpish, reddish, smallish, tallish, thinnish, warmish, wettish, whitish, youngish
- to form adjectives from nouns
amateurish, babyish, bearish, boyish, bullish, childish, feverish, fiendish, foolish, girlish, hellish, mannish, monkish, owlish, prudish, slavish, snobbish, wolfish, womanish
- age or time
bookish, outlandish, peckish, selfish, sharpish, sheepish, sluggish, stylish
- beliefs and behaviour
faminism, optimism, pessimism, absenteeism, alcoholism, anarchism, capitalism, consumerism, cynism, expressionism, heroism, hooliganism, humanism, idealism, liberalism, modernism, nationalism, opportunism, patriotism, perfectionism, professionalism, realism, sceptism, socialism, symblism, terrorism, totalitarianism, vandalism
- referring to beliefs and behaviour
activist, capitalist, communist, conformist, extremist, idealist, modernist, nationalist, opportunist, perfectionist, realist, socialist, terrorist
- occupations
artist, cartoonist, columnist, dentist, dramatist, economist, historicist, pharmacist, physicist, physiotherapist, psychiatrist, scientist, therapist, tourist, typist
- musicians
bassist, basoonist, cellist, flautist, guitarist, keyboardist, oboist, pianist, saxophonist, trombonist, violinist
- illnesses
appendicitis, arthritis, bronchitis, dermatitis, hepatitis, meaningits, tonsillitis
- to form nouns
absurdity, anonymity, authenticity, brutality, complexity, creativity, curiosity, diversity, equality, familiarity, formality, generosity, hostility, immunity, intensity, originality, popularity, productivity, prosperity, security, sensitivity, simplicity, superiority
- to form adjectives
active, aggressive, alternative, attractive, competitive, comprehensive, constructive, creative, dicisive, defensive, destructive, effective, excessive, expensive, extensive, imaginative, intensive, lucrative, massive, negative, offensive, productive, protective
- to form nouns
addictive, collective, conservative, contraceptive, detective, executive, incentive, initiative, invective, locomotive, missive, motive, narrative, objective, offensive, perspective, preservative, relative, representative
- referring to actions
apologize, characterize, emphasize, fantasize, jeoperdize, memorize, moralize, pressurize, revolutionize, subsidize, summarize, symbolize, sympathize
- to form verbs from nouns and adjectives
democratize, equalize, generalize, harmonize, hospitalize, industrialize, legalize, mobilize, modernize, neutralize, personalize, publicize, stabilize, sterilize, terrorize, victimize
- -ise - British spelling
advertise, advise, comrise, compromise, devise, disguise, exercise, improvise, practise, promise, supervise, surprise,